We’re back!!! Allsortz Open Mic January 2015

Written by Ayshamar  (@Aysha_Nikita)

Sunday 18th January marked the first showcase of 2015! Giving aspiring performers the opportunity to share their talent with a live audience at Rich Mix. (See video below for all the action)

Allsortz Open Mic January 2015
Hanna’s Marines

The first artist to grace the stage was Hannah’s Marines – a band consisting of singer songwriter Hannah, a guitarist, a bass player and a drummer and backing vocalist; definitely bringing along with them mellow pop/indie vocals and some chilled vibes which was perfect for a Sunday evening. The group performed their pieces “Homecoming” and “Silence” of their latest E.P now available on iTunes.

Next to entertain the audience was rapper Kyroe, who performed a few tracks from his original mix tape “Chapter”, a mash up of So Solid’s “21 Seconds” and a rendition of James Brown’s “Get the funk up”; this without a doubt gained the participation of the crowd and certainly got people moving.

Next up was the inspiration TKO and first wild card of the night. In his piece, which was only completed minutes before his performance, he tackled the issue of a friend battling depression; this brought a sense of honesty and sincerity, leaving the audience with food for thought – an astonishing achievement for his first performance!

Allsortz Open Mic January 2015
Kyroe on stage

Our next wildcard also performing for the first time was rapper AK. Despite only finishing his piece the pervious day, Akz brought an elevating message about making changes to the world and how social barriers may cause this to be challenging.

The next wildcard was Rae The Poet, who delivered a quirky piece entitled “Drunken Thoughts and Sober Actions” looking at self worth, self respect and the consequences of this state of mind.

The last but not least wild card performance, was brought to us by Vengeance who performed an acappella displaying his clever rhymes and lyrical phrases about the challenges life holds, the importance of hard work and a positive mind frame.

Our next main act and stand out performance was from J the exodus, who graced the audience with some hip-hop, acoustic, rhythm and blues. The singer along with his group and singers Cyrin, Joelle, and Nate performed a few old school style soul pieces including “Calloure” ft. Joelle and “Guiding star” from his E.P titled “Through Darkness Came Light”.

Allsortz Open Mic January 2015

Next up was a dynamic duo by the name of Kaipax, presenting some urban acoustic soul including their piece “Lock and Learn”. The two guitarists and vocalists, both well established on their instruments received a warm response to their performance in the run up to yet another successful Allsortz night.

The final acts on stage were DC Scribbla and Lord Apex. The lively duo began with an original piece from Lord Apex reflecting the difficulties and challenges that occur on the journey to being successful. The young American old school rapper DC Scribbla then joined him on stage an began with a relaxed interlude clearly demonstrating his immense talent. DC also performed his catchy originals “98 Flows” and “Valentine”.

Remember if you’re interested in performing or coming along to one of our events get in touch!