Written by Izara B


This wasn’t just any ordinary night…this was the Allsortz Open Mic Allstars Christmas Concert. Yes, a mouthful, but that’s not the only thing it was full of; we had a long list of some of the best up and coming talent, including some supporting acts from Celebrate (a yearly event to celebrate young talent, hosted by the Mayor’s Peer Outreach Team).

In true concert style, the whole crowd were on their feet throughout the night and that was by far a smart idea as Cielo took to the stage. A young, energetic urban pop band, that came all the way down from Norwich. Needless to say the journey wasn’t wasted as they got hands clapping and feet moving throughout their whole set.

(Cielo bringing the energy to Allsortz)

Some of the acts we had the pleasure of welcoming from Celebrate were: The Waldorfs, brothers of the ages 11 and 15, who had everyone in awe. We then had a very special and unusual treat as solo drummer Keiran Pearson fearlessly took control of the drums. DC Scribbla, 15 year old American-British rapper, took the stage by storm with his contagious energy and flow (check out his latest video )

Stand out act, also supported by the Peer Outreach Team, was by far Hackney’s finest Jermain Jackman. In a true artist form, he had his friend and spoken word artist Tolu open up for him. To everyone’s approval, he then followed up with a cover of Jennifer Hudson’s – And I’m Telling You which I personally believe to be better than the original.

(Jermain Jackman showing us how to hold a note)

We then had the pleasure of welcoming back Muzical Mindz who were accompanied by the amazingly talented Noel DeCosta.

This wouldn’t be an Allsortz night without bringing on the poetry to engage our minds. Our first spoken word act of the night was Kareem Parkins-Brown who truly showed us the beauty and power of words as he poured his emotions out before our very eyes. Out from behind the scenes for the first time was Izara B (yes, that’s me), marking the end of 2013 performances on the Allsortz stage. Our last poet of the night was also one of Allsortz finest, Jolade who skilfully showed us how to write a love poem without writing a love poem (you’ll have to see it to understand).

Another talented act supported by the Peer Outreach Team was female rapper C Cane, who not only performed but definitely entertained. Joined on stage by her hype man Panda, she lyrically has the crowd hypnotised as well as showing us her moves and surprise surprise…she can also sing!!

(C Cane & hype man Panda owning the stage)

Last but not least, back on the big stage with a visual treat was the one and only Mila Falls. Her set was full of surprises as she brought the talented Cielo back on the mic and also, for the first time ever at Allsortz, brought us our first ever 4D interactive performance!

(Mila Falls bringing the night to a close)

As always we want to say a HUGE thank you to all the acts and of course the wonderful audience. A special thank you also goes out to Rebecca Palmer, the Peer Outreach Team and all their acts.

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If you’re interested in performing in the new year then email us – Allsortz01@hotmail.co.uk.

All our 2014 dates are on the website. Look out next year, we’ve got big plans!

Have a great Christmas and festive season and a very Happy New Year!

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